Ateletti Alla Sarda

Ingredients: Veal or fowl, ox palates, stock, tongue, truffles, butter,

mushrooms, sweetbread.

Soak two ox palates in salted water for four hours, then boil them until

the rough skin comes off, and cook them in good stock for six hours,

press them between two plates and let them get cold. Roll some forcemeat

of veal or fowl in flour, cut it into small pieces about the size of

a cork, boil them in salted w
ter, let them get cold and cut them into

circular pieces. Cut the ox palates also into circular pieces the same

size as the bits of forcemeat, then thinner circles of cooked tongue

and truffles. String these pieces alternately on small silver skewers.

Reduce to half its quantity a pint of Velute sauce (No. 2), and add the

cuttings of the truffles, mushroom trimmings, bits of sweetbread, and

a squeeze of lemon juice. Let it get cold and then mask the atelets

(or skewers with the forcemeat) with it, and fry them quickly in

butter. Fry a large oval crouton of bread, scoop out the centre and

fill it with fried slices of cucumber and truffles boiled in a little

Chablis. Stick the skewers into the crouton and pour the sauce round it.

For a maigre dish use fillets of fish, truffles, mushrooms, and Bechamel