Bacon And Cabbage Soup

When it happens that you have a dinner consisting of bacon and cabbages,

you invariably throw away the liquor in which they have been boiled, or,

at the best, give it to the pigs, if you possess any; this is wrong, for

it is easy to turn it to a better account for your own use, by paying

attention to the following instructions, viz.:--Put your piece of bacon

on to boil in a pot with two gallons (more or less, according to the

number you have to provide for) of water, when it has boiled up, and has

been well skimmed, add the cabbages, kale, greens, or sprouts, whichever

may be used, well washed and split down, and also some parsnips and

carrots; season with pepper, but no salt, as the bacon will season the

soup sufficiently; and when the whole has boiled together very gently

for about two hours, take up the bacon surrounded with the cabbage,

parsnips, and carrots, leaving a small portion of the vegetables in the

soup, and pour this into a large bowl containing slices of bread; eat

the soup first, and make it a rule that those who eat most soup are

entitled to the largest share of bacon.