Bacon And Eggs

Place thin slices of bacon in a hot skillet, turn frequently to keep

from curling, and remove to a hot plate when cooked as much as desired.

Break eggs in a saucer, one at a time, to see that they are fresh, then

drop gently into the hot fat. When done to suit individual taste, lift

carefully to the center of a hot platter, and garnish with the bacon.

* * * * *

The secret of an attractive table, which should be made clear to every

girl, is clean linen, with dishes and silver carefully arranged. Each

article of food, however simple, should be carefully placed in the

center of its dish, and vegetables, meats and salads garnished with

parsley, celery leaves, or occasionally rings of hard-boiled eggs. The

eggs are especially nice on salads and on such a vegetable as spinach.

* * * * *

A kitchen lesson would be incomplete without a few words regarding the

care of the all-important dish-towels and dish-cloth. However many may

be on hand, it is a wise plan to teach the little cook to take warm

water and plenty of soap and wash them out each time, being careful to

rinse them thoroughly after she is through. Then hang out in the air to