Cold Meat Cutlets


Half pound cold meat or chicken, one ounce butter, one ounce of flour,

one gill white stock, one teaspoon chopped parsley, one half saltspoon

grated nutmeg, small teaspoon of salt, saltspoon of pepper, grated rind

of half a small lemon. Pass chicken twice through the mincer, then melt

the butter, stir into it the flour, get it perfectly smooth and add

stock, don't let it brown, stir until it
boils and boil two minutes, add

the chicken, (when properly cooked will leave the pan clearly) add

pepper, salt, nutmeg, parsley and lemon, put it away to cool. In using

cold beef, a teaspoon anchovy essence or paste is an improvement, and to

mutton a teaspoon mushroom catsup. When the mixture is cold, place some

flour on board to prevent sticking and form into rolls with square

edges, beat the egg, place breadcrumbs mixed with pepper and salt on

paper, put the rolls first in the egg, then in crumbs, have sufficient

fat in pan and when the white smoke rises, put the rolls in and fry

three minutes, drain on paper. Brown sauce may be served and mashed peas

or potatoes placed in the centre.