Collared Eels

Clean and boil the eels in water highly seasoned with pepper and salt,

an onion, bay-leaf, a clove, and a little vinegar. When the eels are

done enough, slip out the bones and cut them up into pieces about two

inches long. Take the liquor in which the fish is boiled, strain it, let

it boil in the stewpan without the lid, skimming it until it becomes

clear. Dissolve a quarter of an ounce of Nelson's Gelatine to each

-pint of the fish gravy, and boil together for a minute, let it then

stand until cool. Arrange the pieces of eel tastefully in a plain mould

with small sprigs of curled parsley and slices of hard-boiled eggs, and,

if you like, a fillet or two of anchovies cut up into dice. When all the

fish is thus arranged in the mould, pour the jelly in very gently, a

tablespoonful at a time, in order not to disturb the solid material. Let

the mould stand in cold water for seven or eight hours, when it can be

turned out. Ornament with parsley, lemon, and beetroot.