Collops Of Cold Beef

Take off all the fat from the inside of a sirloin of beef; cut it neatly

into thin collops, about the size of a crown or half-crown piece, as you

like for size, and cut them round. Slice an onion very small; boil the

gravy that came from the beef when roasted, first clearing it of all the

fat, with a little water; season it with pepper, and, instead of salt,

anchovies dissolved in walnut ketchup, or the liquor from pickled

walnuts, and a bundle of sweet-herbs. Let this boil before you put in

the collops; put them in with a good piece of butter rolled in a little

flour; shake it round to thicken it, and let it do no longer than till

the collops are thoroughly heated, lest they be hard. This does better

than fresh meat. Serve it hot with pickles, or slices of stewed

cucumbers, cut round, like the meat, and placed alternately with it

round the dish.