After eating planked shad no one will wish to have it served in any
other manner, as no other method of preparing fish equals this. For
planked shad, use an oak plank, at least two inches thick, three
inches thick is better. Planks for this purpose may be bought at a
department store or procured at a planing mill. Place plank in oven
several days before using to season it. Always heat the plank in oven
about 15 minutes before placing fish on it, then have plan
hot_. Split a nicely-cleaned shad down the back, place skin side down,
on hot plank, brush with butter and sprinkle lightly with pepper and
salt. Put plank containing shad on the upper grating of a hot oven of
coal range and bake about 45 minutes. Baste frequently with melted
butter. The shad should be served on the plank, although not a very
sightly object, but it is the proper way to serve it. The flavor of
shad, or, in fact, of any other fish, prepared in this manner is
superior to that of any other. Fish is less greasy and more wholesome
than when fried. Should an oak plank not be obtainable, the shad may
be placed in a large roasting pan and baked in oven. Cut gashes across
the fish about two inches apart, and place a teaspoonful of butter on
each. Bake in oven from 50 to 60 minutes. Serve on a warmed platter,
garnished with parsley, and have dinner plates warmed when serving
fish on them. Do not wash the plank with soap and water after using,
but instead rub it over with sandpaper.