1 quart of cream
1 pint of orange juice
1/2 box of gelatin
3/4 pound of sugar
Yolks of six eggs
Cover the gelatin with a half cupful of cold water and soak for a half
hour. Add a half cupful of boiling water, stir until the gelatin is
dissolved, and add the sugar and the orange juice. Beat the yolks of the
eggs until very light. Whip the cream. Add the uncooked yolks to the orange
mixture, strain in the gelatin, stand the bo
l in cold water and stir
slowly until the mixture begins to thicken; stir in carefully the whipped
cream, turn it in a mold or an ice cream freezer, pack with salt and ice,
and stand aside three hours to freeze. This should not be frozen as hard as
ice cream, and must not be stirred while freezing. Make sure, however, that
the gelatin is thoroughly mixed with the other ingredients before putting
the mixture into the freezer.
This will serve twelve people.
By changing the flavoring, using lemon in the place of orange, or a pint
of strawberry juice, or a pint of raspberry and currant juice, an endless
variety of souffl├ęs may be made from this same recipe. These may be served
plain, or with Montrose Sauce.