From MISS META TELFAIR MCLAWS, of Georgia, Alternate Lady Manager.
Take one-half cake of best yeast and dissolve in half a cup of tepid
water. Pour this on some sifted flour--about half a pint in quantity--
to which must be added more tepid water (or milk, if you like) until a
thick batter is produced. Add to this batter a pinch of salt and a
little sugar. Cover well with a thick cloth and set in a warm place to
rise. In the morning add lard and enough flour to make a stiff dough.
Now make into roll shape and arrange them in a tin pan. Set the rolls
under the stove or near it until they rise again, before putting them
in the oven to bake. Rolls should be made of best flour and the batter
should be put in some earthen vessel when set to rise.