Coloured Jelly To Mix With Or Garnish Other Jelly

Pare four lemons as thin as possible; put the rinds into a pint and a

half of water; let them lie twelve hours: then squeeze the lemons; put

the water and juice together; add three quarters of a pound of the best

sugar, but if the lemons are large, it will require more sugar. When the

sugar is quite melted, beat up the whites of six new-laid eggs to a

froth; mix all together, and strain it through a hair sieve into a

saucepan; set it on a slow fire, and keep it stirred till it is near

boiling and grows thick. Then take it off, and keep stirring it the same

way till it cools. The colouring is to be steeped in a cup of water, and

then strained into the other ingredients. Care must be taken to stir it

always one way. The eggs are the last thing put in; the whole must be

well mixed with a whisk till thoroughly incorporated.