Baccala In Istufato Haddock

Ingredients: Haddock or lemon sole, carrots, anchovies, lemon, pepper,

butter, onions, flour, white wine, stock.

Stuff a haddock (or filleted lemon sole) with some slices of carrot

which have been masked with a paste made of pounded anchovies, very

little chopped lemon peel, salt and pepper. Then fry an onion with two

cuts across it in butter. Take out the onion as soon as it has become a

golden colour, flour the fish and put it in the butter, and when it has

been well fried on both sides pour a glass of Marsala over it, and when

it is all absorbed add a cup of fowl or veal stock and let it simmer for

half an hour, then skim and reduce the sauce, pour it over the fish and